Monday, November 18, 2013

Students: Are you completing your studies this year?

Here are a few links for students who are completing their studies this year:

For those who are entering the job market, have a look at the article Amy Gallo wrote Stand Out in Your Interview.Quoting from the article, the main points are:
  • What the Experts Say
  • Prepare, prepare, prepare
  • Formulate a strategy
  • Emphasize your potential
  • Ace the first 30 seconds
  • Don’t be yourself
  • Be ready for the tough questions
  • Be flexible in the room
  • When it’s going poorly
  • Principles to Remember
If you have already created a profile on LinkedIn, then please read What Every College Student Should Post on LinkedIn by Jess Fee. In brief the headings are:
  • Post a profile photo
  • Show off your schoolwork
  • Ask professors and advisers for recommendations
  • Connect with industry leaders
  • Comment on industry-specific articles
  • Ask questions in LinkedIn groups
  • Look into different career paths
  • Check for spelling and grammar errors.
Lastly if finding the right job takes time, there is some ideas in the article What to do After College if You Can’t Find a Job. Here are the main headings:
  • Keep Looking
  • Go Overseas
  • Volunteer
  • String Together Part Time Jobs
  • Work for Yourself

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