Thursday, May 21, 2015

UCTD available in Sabinet Reference

UCTD - Union Catalogue of Theses and Dissertations is now available in Sabinet Reference using the Sabinet Online platform. Do not use double inverted comma's to indicate phrases, but use proximity operators.

Sabinet Reference databases can also be searched in OCLC FirstSearch.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

eBook IT Core no longer available

IT students please note that the eBook IT Core is no longer available as a database in EbscoHost.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Tips for doctoral students

The Guardian recently published an article Finishing your PhD thesis: 15 top tips from those in the know. Quoting from the article, the tips are in brief:

  • Make sure you meet the PhD requirements for your institution
  • Keep perspective
  • Write the introduction last
  • Use apps
  • Address the unanswered questions
  • Buy your own laser printer
  • Checking is important
  • Get feedback on the whole thesis
  • Make sure you know when it will end
  • Prepare for the viva
  • Develop your own style
  • Remember that more is not always better
  • Get a buddy
  • Don’t pursue perfectionism
  • Look after yourself
If you need more tips, have a look at the web site: johannescronje: Welcome to my free online doctoral programme  by Johannes Cronje.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Information Systems I students - For your information

Ms Melissa Makalima prescribed an e-book version of a custom book called Information Systems I that the library is unable to purchase as copies are sold per device.

The chapters in the custom book are available in the following books:

·         Fundamentals of Business Information Systems (ISBN: 978 1 4080 4421 6):
o   Chapter 1;
o   Chapter 2:
§  Pg 56 – 72; and
§  91 (2.11) – 101.
o   Chapter 3:
§  104 – 111; and
§  126 (summary) – 131.
o   Chapter 5; and
o   Chapter 9.
HF5548.2 S7767 2012 4 copies in the Study Collection and 1 copy in the Short Loan Collection

·         Database Principles (ISBN: 978 1 4080 4863 4):
o   Chapter 1:
§  Pg 6 – 10 (before 1.2.2)
o   Chapter 2;
o   Chapter 3;
o   Chapter 5;
o   Chapter 7; and
o   Chapter 8.

QA76.9 D32D39 2013 4 copies in the Study Collection and 1 copy in the Short Loan Collection

Friday, March 13, 2015

IT students: eBook IT Core still available

In 2013 the School of ICT subscribed to EBSCOhost's eBookIT Core collection. Although the library has not subscribed to it again, the collection is still available in EBSCOhost. The collection contains more than 2,200 titles covering key subject areas in IT, including desktop and office applications, enterprise computing, networking, programming, cybersecurity, web design and development, and more.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Now available: Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Third Edition - print and online

Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, 3rd edition is available in the Reference Collection - call number: Z1006.E539 2015. The online version is only available on campus (IP authentication) for 2015 and 2016.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Do you need to view NMMU links in Google Scholar?

Follow these instructions on how to set NMMU links in Google Scholar. Please note that this option may not always work when searching Google Scholar off campus.